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To say it`s legal in the UK is completely wrong 4 countries make the UK and each has its own laws You can`t have a locking knife as a daily transport here You cannot carry a fixed 3-inch blade or locking knife of any size However, I am not an expert on the situation of UK knife laws, but all laws regarding the wearing of what, when, etc. are available on the UK.Gov website. The translation and application of these laws are often subject to interpretation. If you want a relatively good level of sound advice on UK knife law, there is a lawyer-run YouTube channel that offers several very informative and easy-to-understand videos on the subject. definitely worth a look IMHO Stay safe, stay informed! No, they are not. If you have a reasonable excuse to carry a knife or solid blade for work, bush crafts, religious reasons, etc., carrying it is not illegal. It is a misconception to say that we can wear for no reason. If a search is conducted and a legal carrying knife is found, we must always be able to tell why we are in public with a knife if the officer suspects that we are carrying it for illegal purposes. We have yet to be able to defend ourselves against the accusation that we are carrying the knife for illegal purposes. Even if it falls under the law, it can still be used as grounds for arrest if the officer believes we are trying to exploit a loophole.

Whether or not it falls under the laws of legal wearing, if you are suspected of wearing it for illegal use and you refuse or do not give a satisfactory answer, you will always be nodded. It is also worth mentioning that there is a lot of talk about confiscation here. In the UK, if a copper doesn`t like your knife or why you`re carrying it, you don`t just get a confiscation and send it your way. They usually visit the nick and have the knife confiscated. And yes, knife crime is on the rise in some areas. Mostly motivated by gang violence around drug trafficking (legalize all drugs, this will stop most organised crime and just about all gun violence in the UK overnight, but I digress.) You should contact your local police department to check if a knife or gun is illegal. I think a significant entry needs to be added (although this article was written in April but redistributed via email today) – the new Benchmade 319 Proper – a 2.86-inch sliding seal which, as far as I know, would be legal in the UK. There are several other types of knives whose possession is illegal, period. Other prohibited knives are the following list: It is illegal to bring, possess, sell, rent, lend or give a prohibited knife to anyone unless a legal exemption applies. From 2021, knives/weapons banned in the UK will be illegal to own. End of story.

The exceptions are collectibles, that is, sword sticks and katanas, which I believe are over 100 years old. No, they are not. They are only illegal to « wear ». In general, it depends on the context. A middle-aged man taking his children to the park, legally seen by police with a Swiss Army knife, would probably not be blamed for anything. But a person wanted for another crime (perhaps drug use, etc.) would most likely be forced to explain a good reason to carry a British knife. Especially something like a Spyderco UKPK (one-handed open, single-use, etc.). Two extremes, but I think that expresses my point of view. Also, keep in mind that using a knife (legal or illegal) in a threatening manner is also illegal. So using your (legal) Swiss Army knife in a threatening way is still illegal. Locking knives are not considered folding knives and cannot be carried in public without a valid reason. Let`s start with the quintessence of the British Army knife: the Spyderco UK Penknife.

This knife usually lists all these British legal lists, as Spyderco developed this knife specifically with these laws in mind. The British Penknife uses high-quality materials with a 2.93-inch CTS BD1 steel blade and FRN handle. It weighs just 1.7 ounces and represents the best a typical American Spyderco has to offer. « It is illegal to carry a knife in public for no good reason – unless it is a knife with a folding blade that is 3 inches long (7.62 cm) or less. » So it seems like it`s legal to carry a bigger knife or even a solid blade as long as it`s for a « good reason, » but I wouldn`t push my luck. Locking knives can be worn legally if you have a good reason. There`s a chance you`ll have trouble carrying a long knife while camping, but technically, the law is on your side. I only take my full blades with me when I`m camping in the UK The second CRKT UK 2021 legal case is the Symmetry. This one has a longer blade of 2.75 inches that can be opened with one hand (almost like a front fin). The GRN handle has beautiful blue accents to make this knife a stylish backrest. For 2021, CRKT has published two separate dossiers that are completely legal in the UK. The first is the Dually, which has a small 1.72-inch sliding joint blade when opened and a bottle opener on the other side when closed.

It is illegal to possess a knife or prohibited weapon. It`s also illegal: a court will decide if you have a good reason to carry a knife if you`re accused of carrying it illegally. « No one carries a Bowie knife in Texas and American punches are illegal in any case. I legally own a Lansky world and thought it would make the list safe. No, locking knives are not illegal, they are only illegal if you carry a locking knife or fixed blade without a valid reason to have it on you, for example, you go fishing and carry g a bag with all your equipment with a solid blade or latch is fine, You have your good reason, but if you have one in your pocket while you are a no in a supermarket, you do not have a good reason to carry a knife firmly or lockable, but if you are an electrician who works in a supermarket and needs it for your job, then that`s fine. The only knife you can carry at your discretion is a Sub3 folding knife « not lockable, but use your common sense, you don`t need it to pick up your kids from school or go to a library ect and the police might even take it away from you? Although the law says it`s okay to wear like this, it boils down to using your brain to think when you need it and not ect, knife laws are very similar across the UK. I am an ex-police officer. The only knife you can carry in a public place without having to declare that you own it is a folding pocket knife (FPK) with a blade length of 3 inches or less and it must not lock, you must be able to lock the blade into the knife without operating any mechanism, only a pressure on the back of the blade.

The knife must be detectable in metal. Many other knives can be possessed with a good excuse up to a 50cm blade if it becomes a sword and is forbidden in public places. Circumstances can make criminal activity problematic and problematic, even in the context of a dispute. A traffic stop will be fine, be honest if you wear one. If for some reason you are searched again, be honest and I suggest you do not spend the night! I am very disappointed to say that the Spyderco PITS was discontinued, so it had to be replaced. Fortunately, there is another Spyderco that can take its place on this list: the Urban. have lost nothing in the UK. I`m staying in Texas, we can carry Bowie knives and American fists. The Boker Plus Tech Tool is the brand at its best.

You can pick up this knife in tons of different iterations with different tools. I like the simple Tech Tool City 1 with a single blade and G-10 scales. You can also get it with several tools if you prefer.

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