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The trustee further asserts that TAS is an insider of Synergy and is therefore subject to a longer review period of one year. According to the trustee, the relationship between TAS and the debtor was much closer than that of a normal third-party supplier. This has been evident in many events; a large portion of the revenue generated by TAS came from Synergy or its successors; The director of TAS worked with email addresses in and identified himself as the marketing manager in his signature block; Some of the invoices paid by TAS were inexplicably paid by TAS and not directly by Synergy. Therefore, the trustee argues that all of this leads to an insider relationship and subjects TAS to increased scrutiny and a longer review period of 1 year. Ron arrived every Friday. But despite the « law » on behalf of Synergy, it was still difficult to speak with a lawyer. After about a year, he said, their bank suddenly told them they risked foreclosure. Synergy advised the couple to immediately file for bankruptcy protection. Under the supervision of federally appointed trustees, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to help debtors create and administer a repayment schedule.

Often this can take years. In addition, the complaint alleges that Synergy and its executives took offense to golf tournaments and beach parties with the help of the fraudulent nonprofit organization that betrayed the trust of its victims. Do you have any information on suspected fraud from Synergy Settlement Services? Submit the form below to share our knowledge with our team. After requesting a written list of questions, Marinelli stopped responding to requests for comment. Maresca`s lawyer did not make him available for an interview. In documents filed as part of a lawsuit filed in Nassau County, New York, Maresca blamed her former partner for the company`s problems. In a Texas case, Marinelli said he would be unfairly singled out if other Synergy Law executives continued to « live comfortably in multimillion-dollar real estate. » « But it was strange that there weren`t any big fraud warnings, » Ford said. « They were absolutely horrible and hurt so many people. It`s strange that they could do what they were for so long without being shut down. Ron and Ann Jones` family stand together in the front yard of his father`s home near Kyle on February 6, 2020. The problems for the Iraq war veteran began after he hired Synergy, a company that provides credit modification services. The sons are, from left to right, Dante, Nathan Jordan and Izreal.

The company`s attorney and partner, Scott Marinelli, suspended his attorney license in two states. He was banned from working on consumer loans in Washington for five years, where he still owes tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Maryland revoked its insurance sales license. Since 2017, courts in at least a dozen states — including Texas — have imposed some form of sanction on him and/or Synergy for causing harm to vulnerable homeowners. Federal judges have excluded the company from their courts. On March 25, 2018, a stranger showed up at his door. « Can I tell you about the house? » Jenny remembered what he had said. If you have information about Synergy Settlement Services, we want to hear from you.

Please contact our office using the form below. The FBI is authorized to collect the information on this form under one or more of the following provisions: Title 28, United States Code, Sections 533 and 534; Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 0.85; and the Attorney General`s Guidelines on Victim and Witness Assistance. The requested information helps the FBI provide you with assistance to which victims of federal crime are entitled. You are not required to provide the requested information; However, if you don`t, it can prevent the FBI from providing you with help to victims of crime. The information collected on this form is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, Title 5, United States Code Section 552a, and is maintained in the FBI`s Central Records System, doj/fbi-002, the description of which is available in the Federal Register at 63 Fed. Reg. 8671 (Feb. 20, 1998) and The complaint continues: « The defendants, but concealing from beneficiaries, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Social Security Administration, that they diverted at least $775,000 in escrow and membership fees directly from beneficiaries` accounts to their for-profit company, Synergy. » Taken together, « you`d think it would be pretty easy to close, » Bonney said. « But I don`t know why nothing seems to have happened.

I am quite frustrated by the inability of the American fiduciary system to close them. We are talking about millions of dollars. Corporate filings in Washington, D.C. show that Synergy Law was founded in 2016. Dave Maresca is registered as governor. Court documents identified Marinelli as the 10% owner and attorney of the company, charging $325 an hour. Synergy provided them with a simple form to file with the bankruptcy court. But it turned out that this was not enough and his case was quickly rejected. The Joneses were now tens of thousands of dollars behind in their mortgage payments, looking at foreclosure again. Unable to raise the money, they lost their home last September. There are housing offers as long as there are houses.

What makes Synergy unusual, say angry receivers, lawyers and former clients, is not just a bold national business model in which it operated in sight. But also how long it took state regulators to rein in the company despite the long trail of red flags it planted across the country. Plaintiff holds Synergy Law LLC liable for defendant`s alleged misrepresentation of actual services and fraudulent inducement of plaintiff and class members to enter into contracts and/or make payments. February 24, 2021, District of Columbia – Debtor Synergy Law, LLC has provided and marketed foreclosure rescue services to desperate homeowners in the United States. The debtor was allegedly involved in seizure fraud by emergency services. Several actions for serious misconduct have been brought against the debtor and his principals. According to its schedules, the debtor had received $2.7 million in income and fees from thousands of homeowners who had been promised mortgage assistance in the year prior to their bankruptcy. Meanwhile, former customers who call Synergy`s phone number are redirected to a new company called Themis Law.

According to company documents, it was founded last June by Maresca, the former owner of Synergy, and a Florida attorney, Sam Babb III. In a brief interview, Babb said his company had nothing to do with Synergy and that he had no contact information for Maresca. After fighting Synergy in several cases since 2017, a Kansas judge ordered the company to stop filing its customers` bankruptcy cases in federal court — but in other states it has continued. Last spring, bankruptcy Judge Marvin Isgur of the Southern District of Texas ordered the filing dropped in Texas. However, the company then filed two more complaints, in the state`s eastern and western districts, according to documents. Montana Chapter 13 trustee Robert Drummond said Synergy was fined $45,000 for the Little and two other cases, in which Montana residents lost their homes but settled for about a third of that amount. « The victims are not sophisticated, » he said. « It`s probably a lot more than we think. » In Louisiana, consumer advocate Samuel Ford began researching Synergy after being contacted by a woman who claimed the company had taken her money without permission.

He quickly found decisions from many individual courts that had fined or banned Synergy, including in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. In 2018, Scott Marinelli was charged with numerous crimes related to several real estate transactions in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. He spent four months in prison. William Mark Bonney, Chapter 13 administrator for the Eastern District of Oklahoma, added, « Everyone I know has used Synergy has lost their property. » The plaintiff is seeking a jury trial and is seeking declaratory relief, injunctive relief, damages, costs, attorneys` fees and such other relief as the court deems appropriate. She is represented by Samuel J. Ford, Galen M. Hair and David P. Vicknair of Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki LLC in New Orleans. The defendant TAS, LLC provided high-profile services to the debtor and allegedly played a significant role in Synergy`s mortgage facilitation fraud.

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