Silly Laws in Louisiana

Blaine Barrilleaux has dedicated his career as a personal injury lawyer to helping members of his community understand and protect their rights after an accident. As a Louisian-born Louisiana who has served the communities of Lafayette, Metairie, New Orleans and surrounding communities in Louisiana for over 20 years, Blaine is truly a local advocate who understands the people and laws of his state. Louisiana is famous for its crayfish, Shrove Tuesday, and jazz to name a few. It is rich in culture and history. This unique state serves Creole cuisine and is home to prominent culinary personalities such as Emeril Lagasse. I`m sure most of you already knew that. But did you know the eccentric laws of Louisiana? Here are 10 of them: While each state has its fair share of original laws, our laws are put in place to protect the safety of everyone in our local community. But what most people don`t know are Louisiana`s strange laws. Some of them are old laws that are still in place even if they are not enforced, and others were only recently enacted to deal with bizarre situations facing law enforcement agencies in the state. You may think the law is boring, but in our home state of Louisiana, laws are anything but boring. In other words, if you were injured in a car accident because another driver acted negligently and you now have expensive medical bills and property damage, you may have the option to file a civil lawsuit against the other driver. We must ensure the well-being of an animal, whether it is a pet or a pet. But even the most hardcore animal lovers have probably never heard of these laws.

Mardi Gras is a big part of Lusian culture and with its fair share of strange laws. Louisiana is a unique place in many ways and the law is no exception. While some of them are outdated, it is interesting to imagine what was happening in our communities when these laws were passed. The laws are listed with a link to the full text below. Louisiana is definitely known for its joie de vivre. Food, festivals, Cajun and Creole traditions, and colloquial language are just a few ingredients that make Louisiana such a unique place to live. But while Louisiana may sound fun and carefree, you need to be aware of those ten crazy laws that, if violated, could put you in a hot gombo: don`t think you can just walk away with that basket. It is an offence to steal a cart or basket from a store. It`s a pretty stupid thing to have a criminal record for this, so please return the carts and baskets when you`re done. (- » point 13:68.3) From strange and entertaining laws to unique traffic laws and important rights you have as a Louisiana citizen, assault attorney Blaine Barrilleaux is here to keep you up to date with Louisiana-specific laws that everyone should be aware of. These laws may not seem too strange until you look at the situations they have created.

It`s easy to see why any of these scenarios could have caused problems: Without laws, Louisiana wouldn`t be a safe or pleasant place to live. Residents and tourists would be free to do what they want without recourse. Fortunately, state laws and city ordinances maintain order. This is just one example of a plethora of strange laws in Louisiana. It`s fun to read some of the state`s most obscure laws. But here`s a friendly (and serious) reminder that a law is a law, no matter what you or anyone else thinks about it. You could still be charged if you break a law, even if it`s funny, bizarre or questionable. If you live in one of these small towns, there was a time when you had to follow these laws in addition to the other strange laws of the state: the vast majority of laws are not surprising. You cannot take items that do not belong to you. You cannot hurt an animal or any other person.

You cannot drive recklessly and compromise someone else`s safety. To deal with some of the most bizarre situations they have encountered, legislators in the past created equally bizarre laws so that they no longer had to deal with such problems. While this may seem reasonable, some of the laws created as a result are not. Nevertheless, many are still in the books, even if they are not applied. Some laws make sense, but they are very specific. For example, it is illegal to « urinate on streets, gutters, sidewalks or in alleys, alleys or other places near streets, alleys, sidewalks or other public places. » We are pleased that this rule is in force and that the regulation clearly covers all the bases. (Article 13:106.2) In addition to these laws, you are prohibited by law in Louisiana from daring a friend to settle on railroad tracks owned by someone else. You can only challenge your friend to lie on his own train tracks.

Louisians love parades, especially during Mardi Gras. There are several laws that regulate parade activity and you may not have heard of any of them. While NOLA has strange laws, Sulphur can make them beat. There, it is illegal to be an alcoholic or to say obscene things on the phone. Look it in the face, how many of these strange laws in Louisiana have you broken? Let us know in the comments below! Want to know more about Louisiana? Read our article on how some of Louisiana`s strangest city names earned their names. But did you know that if you roamed the streets on your bike without hands and promoted voodoo, you would be violating two city laws? While most of our traffic rules are known, there are less common traffic rules that many drivers ignore. Here are some of Louisiana`s strangest laws you may not have known about: Here are some Louisiana traffic laws that are often misunderstood and broken: As assault lawyers in New Orleans, we understand how complex laws can be. We help our clients understand the law every day, but even we would struggle to explain the logic behind some of the laws below.

And still other laws are a little more obscure and downright unexpected. Some laws give us insight into human behavior, because if it`s illegal to swim in Baton Rouge`s Capitol Lake, it means someone actually did it! If someone`s noise is gargling in public or insulting you, Louisiana is the place to be, as you can call the police about the offending gargle. At least according to our laws, you can. Don`t expect an agent to show up. It`s important to know the laws that affect where you live so you make sure you follow them and know your rights in case you`re affected by someone else`s negligence.

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