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(iii) a name combining all or part of the surname before marriage or a previous surname of each spouse into a single surname; or waiting period: Once your application is approved, the City Clerk will issue you your marriage certificate. Then you`ll have to wait for a time set by the state before getting married (in New York, it`s usually 24 hours). For marriage licenses issued in New York, they do not apply to the New York State Department of Health. For a request, current fees, and order information, contact the New York City Clerk at (212) NEW YORK or visit the New York City Marriage Bureau website. You can also write them to: If you use this option, you will get a record of your name change. The marriage certificate, which may contain the new name, is proof that using the new name or maintaining the previous name is legal. The local Social Security Administration office should be contacted so that their records and your Social Security card reflect the name change. This service is free of charge. New York also has restrictions on close relatives. In particular, marriage cannot take place between ancestors, descendants, brothers and sisters (whole or half), uncles with nieces or nephews, or aunts with nieces or nephews. If the state determines that a marriage took place in violation of this restriction, the married person and the minister can be fined and sent to prison for up to six months.

N.Y. Dom. Law § 13-B A marriage may not be contracted within twenty-four hours of the issuance of the marriage certificate, unless it is approved by a decision of a civil registry court as provided below, nor solemnly concluded after sixty days from the date of issue of the marriage certificate, unless it is approved in accordance with article three hundred and fifty-four d of the Executive Law. Every subsequent marriage licence issued by a municipal clerk shall, in addition to the other requirements set out in this chapter, include a statement of the date and time at which the licence will be issued and the period during which the marriage may be contracted. It is the duty of the member of the clergy or magistrate who solemnizes the marriage or, if the marriage is contracted by written contract, of the judge before whom the contract is recognized, to attach or record the date and time of the marriage to the marriage certificate. The clergyman, magistrate or judge shall file such an order with the clerk of the city or city that issued the licence within five days after the marriage. The City Clerk shall record and index the order in the book, which the City Clerk shall keep for the recording of affidavits, statements, consents and permits, and if recorded, the order shall become a public record and shall be available in any administration of the Act under this section. A person who contracts marriage in violation of this article is guilty of a misdemeanor and, if convicted, shall be punished with a fine of fifty dollars for each offence, and in addition his right to marry shall be suspended for ninety days. You may be wondering, how can you get married legally? Well, some other states recognize common-law relationships (unmarried partners who are considered legally married over time) or proxy marriages (a marriage where one party is not present). However, neither is legal in New York.

To make your marriage official in New York, you need to get your hands on a state marriage certificate. Let`s start with the personal marriage requirements and laws that the bride and groom in New York must meet: a couple who wants to marry in New York State must personally apply for a marriage license from a state city clerk. The permit application must be signed by both applicants in the presence of the City Clerk or Clerk. A representative cannot apply for the permit on behalf of the applicant. This also applies if the representative has received a power of attorney. Book your venue: Marriage licenses all depend on the time. To plan your marriage license application, you must first reserve a ceremony date in the state. Start with Zola`s database of wedding venues to find the perfect venue in New York City.

From date filters to price filters, our search makes it easy to book the venue that fits your needs. From beautiful Adirondacks to the bustling streets of New York City, thousands of weddings take place in New York every year. But there`s more to a legal marriage than a fantastic celebration. In order to marry (officially), fiancés in this state must take a few essential steps. Here are the general steps for applicants to get a marriage license from New York State: Not sure where to start? Let`s break down the steps and requirements of the New York State marriage license. Your marriage license in New York should be recognized by law in all 50 states. As long as your marriage complies with New York laws, it is valid throughout the country. However, your preliminary ceremony in New York can only be used in New York State. With stunning natural scenery as well as the largest city in the country, New York State is naturally a popular wedding destination. Whether you`re planning a romantic wedding with a picturesque backdrop or a sophisticated ceremony in the Big Apple, New York has everything you need to create an unforgettable day.

To make your way to the altar smooth and unsurprised, Universal Life Church has put together everything you need to know about wedding in New York City. This guide describes the legal requirements and describes each step of the process. A marriage certificate is only a temporary permit. After all, what married couples want is a marriage certificate – your permanent marriage document. New York recognizes marriage equality and therefore warmly welcomes same-sex couples. Similarly, people from any state or country in the world are invited to marry there because the state`s marriage code does not include a residency requirement. For centuries, each state has drafted and maintained specialized marriage laws. Although they have become more and more similar across the country over time, it is still useful to know your state`s own requirements. After all, you don`t want a legal formality to get in the way of your lifelong partnership. A marriage cannot be consummated within 24 hours of the issuance of the marriage certificate, unless this is approved by a decision of the Registration Court. In addition to being eligible for a legal marriage with certain age, consent, and capacity requirements, future spouses should familiarize themselves with other factors to comply with New York marriage laws. Residency: You do not need to be a New York resident to obtain a New York City marriage certificate or certificate.

Foreigners can still marry in the state. Just make sure you choose a wedding venue within the boundaries of New York to use your license (Zola`s localized, pre-approved database of wedding providers can help). N.Y. Dom. Act § 11-B Registration of Persons Celebrating Marriages in New York City. Any person legally authorized to perform the marriage ceremony must register his or her name and address with the Office of the Clerk of the City of New York before performing such ceremonies in New York City. Each of these persons must also register this change of address before solemnizing a marriage after a change of address. Such clerk is hereby authorized to cancel the registration of a person so registered if satisfactory evidence is furnished that the registration was fraudulent or if satisfactory evidence is furnished that such person is no longer authorized to perform such a ceremony.

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