Is Vice Golf Ball Legal

I am often asked what golf balls I play. Most of the time? I play Vice Pro Plus. I really like ProV1s, but at a fraction of the price? I think they are just as good. The feeling of the Vice Tour is a bit harsh. Not as difficult as a high ball or a reach ball, but it`s harder than other golf balls in their range. At this price, however, something has to be sacrificed The Vice Pro is the last ball we tested in the Pro section. Let`s see how it evolved. After reading the reviews of each of the five, I hope you can see that you can`t really go wrong with Vice. These reviews show that they are constantly testing, refining and introducing new products to meet the needs of the modern golfer.

After doing this Vice golf ball review, I feel like the German brand is underrated. The balls in the pro section were on par with premium balls like the Pro V1, Pro V1x and TP5x. There is no bullet on the market, for any brand, that offers better value for money than this Vice option. This Vice Golf Drive golf ball is made to withstand hard knocks. The cover is made of Surlyn, but underneath is a very soft core. The outer layer is naturally more robust and offers much greater durability. In addition, the core design allows the ball to resume many types of wear. My ball speed with a pilot in my hand was lower than I`m used to, reaching 150mph. My backspin speed was similar to other balls at 2400. Best for: All types of golfers who want more distance and the best value (starting at $21.95 in white, lime and red). Are Vice golf balls legal? According to the USGA and the R&A, Vice golf balls can be legally used on occasional, high-level or professional golf excursions. Vice golf balls comply with equipment rules, which means they are approved by the USGA, making them completely legal.

This is the only area where I felt the Pro V1x golf balls were slightly better. Although the difference was small, Pro V1x golf balls had a slightly better rotation profile than Vice Pro Plus golf balls. For me, the score is important. If I didn`t score in college, I would sit on the bench. Even though I don`t have that pressure anymore, I still go on the course to shoot good rounds, which means I need a golf ball I can trust. For one, I didn`t want to sacrifice gameplay. I`ve played a lot of golf in my life, and I can definitely tell the difference between a terrible golf ball and a good one. So my question when compiling this review was. The way I found out that Vice golf balls are legal was using the R&A Club database. This database stores information for all USGA-approved golf equipment (excluding putters). By searching for « vice » in the database, I could see that there are 10 different versions of the Vice golf ball that can be used legally. The Vice Pro golf ball in V3 is coated with a flexible and durable urethane polymer.

Urethane gives you a feeling of sweetness and helps improve your short round of play. One area of the game that can help you save money is buying new golf balls. One of our favorite golf balls comes from a company called Vice. They have a lot of features like the most expensive balls on the market, but have a much more attractive price. Not to mention, three of his five golf balls made the Golf Digest`s 2020 hot list. In recent years, my golf classmates have talked about Vice, a golf ball brand that sells high-quality products at an average price. Eventually, my curiosity diminished and I ordered a few boxes. Of course, this meant I had to do a review of Vice golf balls. Vice golf balls have caused a stir on the golf ball scene in recent years. We often hear that the technology is described as similar to Titleist or Bridgestone. For that, we had to convince ourselves.

Vice golf balls have great prices, unique marketing and a modern feel for the company. Thus, the performance of golf balls has accumulated. The Vice Pro Soft also includes a high-energy Speedcore designed for faster ball speeds. The inner part of this 2-piece golf ball is a core with low compression energy speed. Vice has designed this core to reduce your rotation out of the tee and on long iron strokes, giving you more transport and distance. The Vice Pro Soft is best suited for golfers with swing speeds below 95 mph. It is also suitable if the course you are playing has narrow greens and requires soft landings. Vice designed the Pro Soft with a molded urethane cover that gives the ball a soft feel on the outside. The urethane lid grips the club`s face on the ball, resulting in a soft landing and rotation around the green.

By researching the rules of golf provided by the USGA and R&A, I was able to find out if Vice golf balls are actually legal or not. High-quality golf balls are often overlooked by the average golfer due to their higher price. Ideally, we`d all love to be able to play with a Pro V1 or TP5x every time we enter the course. Frankly, $45 golf ball boxes are not viable for many people. For many golfers, they certainly have brand loyalty to existing consumer brands like Titleist offering their market-leading Titleist Pro V1. However, what the Vice team shows is that it`s possible to create high-end golf balls at a reduced cost, and it can be worth trying them out if you`re looking for high-end performance that can compete with more established brands. From the tee, I generated an average ball speed of 157 mph.

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