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In this optional module, you can participate in a mock court (moot court) and join a team that legally represents a litigant. In particular, ZHAW students have the opportunity to participate in moot court competitions organised by the European Law Students` Association ELSA and Pace University. Legal issues increasingly permeate daily and professional life. The expertise of lawyers is therefore in high demand. This degree programme prepares you for a wide range of legal activities in all areas of business and administration. +41 (0) 58 934 79 79 info-weiterbildung.sml@zhaw.ch Interdisciplinary and international approach: The programme focuses on national and international business law, combined with key management and communication skills. The English, Legal and Business modules prepare you to work in a company with an international profile. At the Centre for Social Law, we deal with social law issues in a national and international context. Our research and consultancy programmes as well as our study and continuing education programmes focus on labour law, social security law, data protection law, health law and discrimination law. In addition, we deal with topics such as social welfare, adult protection, family law and human rights. Talented students can apply to ZHAW Legal Clinic, where they offer free legal advice to students from ZHAW and other institutions under the supervision of lawyers.

In this way, they can apply the knowledge gained during their studies to practical contexts and gain valuable experience in dealing with real cases. Graduates of the BSc in Applied Law programme can choose between many different legal roles, for example: We organise conferences on social law issues in a national and international context and on data protection. The Bachelor`s programme consists of two levels: the first year (« assessment ») and the main programme. At both levels of study, legal expertise accounts for two-thirds of the curriculum, the other third for legal language and methodological skills. As a part-time study, the study typically lasts eight semesters and allows students a part-time job of up to 60% in addition to their studies. Full-time studies typically last six semesters. The Bachelor of Business Law programme consists of two levels of study: In the first year (assessment), you will focus on acquiring basic knowledge and developing a basic methodological toolbox. The first year lasts two semesters (full-time) or three semesters (part-time). In the following main course of study, you will develop, deepen and harmonize your legal and business management skills.

Legal advisors are among the most sought-after positions on the job market for lawyers. Deepen your specialized knowledge and advance your career in legal services by attending the ZHAW Legal Counsel. This page is not available in German. Please note the English page. « What we`ve found is that there are a lot of lawyers and a lot of directors in our profession – but not much in between. ZHAW graduates have a wide range of legal practice positions to choose from in our company. « We have found that there are many trainee lawyers and many lawyers – but there is a shortage of qualified specialists in between. ZHAW graduates are trained for a wide range of practical legal tasks. The International NGO Law and Policy Project (INLPP) provides NGOs with free legal, policy, research, communication and advocacy services. The INLPP is staffed with students, giving them the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to solve real-world challenges. Practical orientation: A bachelor`s degree in business law offers you an academic training precisely tailored to the requirements of business law practice.

You will be able to learn from economic and legal experts with proven academic and professional backgrounds and work on tasks and cases drawn from the daily work of lecturers and transferred to the classroom. The Bachelor of Applied Law programme offers a generalist legal education that covers all essential areas of Swiss law. Particular attention is paid to language and methodological skills. This study programme is aimed at individuals who wish to hold legal positions of responsibility in private, public or criminal law. Certificate of Advanced Studies in Legal Advice (12 ECTS) No permanent expulsion received from a university law school « Do you have any questions about the BSc in Business Law, the ZHAW library, sports and leisure activities, or life in Winterthur and Zurich? Please contact me. The legal clinic is available for students seeking legal advice inside and outside the ZHAW all year round. Do not hesitate to describe your legal problem via the application form. The students of the ZHAW Legal Clinic will be happy to advise you. « Die Law Clinic an der ZHAW war eine grossartige Erfahrung, die ich von Herzen weiterempfehlen kann! Im Zentrum stehen dabei rechtliche Fragen aus der Praxis, wobei es ein tolles Gefühl ist, den Rechtssuchenden auf der Suche nach Antworten behilflich zu sein. « The economy needs pragmatic and efficient business lawyers, well aware of economic interconnections. This degree programme prepares you for challenging tasks at the interface of business and law. The continuing education opportunities offered at the ZHAW School of Management of Law are oriented towards practical application and will take you where you want to go – and even further. In unseren allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen(PDF 91,2 KB) finden Sie weitere Detailinformationen zur Vertraulichkeit, der Geheimhaltungspflicht, dem Berufsgeheimnis, etc.

Module tables: From academic year 2022 Part-time study courses Full-time courses Anwaltlicher Beirat (Betreuende). Our experienced lawyers help students with words and deeds. A platform for free legal advice – by students for students. Application. Student applications must be submitted within the following time window: (i) for the beginning of the spring semester: January 1-31; (ii) for the beginning of the autumn semester: from 1 to 31 August. Lecturers and academic staff affiliated with the Centre for Social Law teach in the programs of study of the Department of Business Law and other programs of study at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. In the full-time model, you have classes four to five days a week, and the program lasts six semesters. The part-time model lasts eight semesters and you attend classes two full days a week. I am a student looking for legal advice and I want to report a case.

Come to one of our informational events and learn more about our bachelor`s degree programs. We look forward to seeing you! Information about the module. The module is structured over several semesters (2-4 semesters). More information can be found in the module description. The person responsible for the module will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. As a graduate of the Bachelor of Business Law program, there are different career paths available to you. Business lawyers typically work in the following areas: Bachelor of Applied Law Program (PDF 88.6 KB) Selection. Students are selected by the person responsible for the module. Most of our continuing education courses are Advanced Studies Certificate (CAS) programs.

Completion of these certificate programs can be credited to various master`s programs. Our continuing education programs are practical and based on sound theoretical foundations. We work in an interdisciplinary way and focus on customer needs. Christian Schneider, Head of Law, Zurich and Ticino, and Andreas Gick, Head of Standard Business, Legal Services, Germany and Switzerland, AXA-ARAG AG Our research projects deal with topical issues and are usually carried out in collaboration with partners from industry or the public sector. They are funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse or other public research institutions. We also conduct research on behalf of political parties, public administrations or private companies. In order to promote thematic and cultural diversity, we invite foreign researchers to use our facilities (PDF 8.2 KB). Our activities give rise to numerous publications.

Partner at Rechtskraft Advokatur & Business Coaching. I am a student and I want to apply to the Legal Clinic. This program has been awarded the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) quality seal for its quality in study and teaching.

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