What Is a Dl in Business

With that in mind, let`s look at what DL slang represents in different contexts. Used in connection with overhead calculations. DL in the economy. Acronym24.com. (March 24, 2022). Retrieved December 7, 2022, acronym24.com/dl-meaning-in-business/ In this context, the abbreviation DL stands for « download, » which usually refers to copying data from one device to another. It can be a computer, mobile phone or tablet. It also applies to copying data from one location to another. Any action involving copying and transferring data from one location or device to another is called « downloading. » For those who are used to downloading things online, they`ve probably stumbled upon DL slang, and from now on, you`ve learned what that means. DKYC – DKYM – DKYS – DKZ – DKZP – DL# – DL. – DL/1 – DLA – DLAA Add to my list Edit this entry Rate: (0.00 / 0 votes) The DL meaning in Business is « Dominant Logic ». There are 27 related meanings of the abbreviation DL Business. Note: We have 78 other definitions for DL in our acronym Attic The abbreviation DL refers to « Down Low » in discrete contexts.

In this context, planners do so in secret, so that the topic discussed or discussed remains known only to them. This is usually the case with government secrets, which must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons at any time. Normally, DL does not indicate that such acts or behaviors involve any degree of illegality or deception. In organizations, the abbreviation DL stands for « Department of Labor ». This is where all workers are housed and all work-related matters are relocated. This department is available in most organizations that involve work. (In this case, DL stands for « download, » but is not associated with file transfer.) In higher education institutions, the abbreviation DL stands for « Digital Library ». A digital library is a prerequisite for an institution that wants to be elevated to modern status. Previously, we had traditional libraries that were not sufficiently equipped and could not easily and conveniently facilitate access to library learning resources for learners. Use one of the following options to include these acronyms in your bibliography. In data processing, the abbreviation DL stands for « Data Language ». This language applies only to data and not to other write formats.

Advanced computer users such as programmers and developers have probably encountered DL slang. DL is an acronym/slang for several terms that fall into different categories. Therefore, the abbreviation DL does not represent a specific word or phrase. Instead, it varies from category to category. However, the abbreviation DL is often used to refer to the words « Down Low » and « Download », but it represents different words or phrases in other contexts. Therefore, it is imperative to have an overview of the context in which you want to use it. Otherwise, you could abuse it and confuse your audience. (In this case, DL stands for « Down Low » and means secret) only shows Business & Finance definitions (show all 116 definitions) In politics, the acronym DL refers to « Divisive Leader ».

He is a leader whose actions create disunity or division in a country and its people. This is usually the case with dictatorial regimes that employ divide-and-rule tactics. The term « Down Low » can imply any behavior or action described as mysterious or illusory.

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