Puc for New Vehicle Rules

New Vehicles: The PUC validity for new vehicles is 1 year, after which you must renew the PUCC according to the specified deadlines. A vehicle pollution certificate, also known as a PUC certificate or controlled pollution certificate, serves as validation that your vehicle emits emission levels permitted under the Central Motor Vehicle Act of 1989. The pollution certificate contains information such as your vehicle`s registration number, PUCC serial number, emission test date, test bench and emission test validity date. PUCC is one of the mandatory documents that must be carried by the driver at all times. It is mandatory to carry vehicle documents such as registration certificate, car insurance policy, PUC certificate and driver`s license. The penalties for failure to obtain a PUC certificate are Rs 1,000 for the first violation and Rs 2,000 for subsequent violations. The fine for failure to obtain a PUC certificate is enforced under section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Step 3: The PUC certificate is issued, which contains the test values, the validity of the pollution certificate, the vehicle details, etc. Currently, the vehicle must be taken to the nearest PUC center to have it checked for emission levels and receive the PUCC. You need to renew the PUCC every 6 months and this will inform you about the vehicle`s pollution levels. If the levels are higher, you can have it checked with the mechanic before the problem becomes a bigger one.

It will also help you maintain the condition of the vehicle by maintaining it at regular intervals. Step 1: Visit the Parivahan section for the PUC certificate and enter the vehicle registration number (max. 10 characters) and the last five digits of the vehicle chassis number. After a period of 1 year, the vehicle must be tested every 6 months. The new vehicle is sold with a PUC certificate valid for a period of 1 year. After the expiry of the initial validity period, PUC certification is required every 6 months. Faced with increasing global pollution, countries have been forced to set emission standards for cars. Almost all cars and motorcycles registered in India must undergo emissions testing to meet government emission standards. Therefore, it is imperative that you obtain the PUC certificate of your vehicle. The complete form of PUC is Pollution Under Control. Step 3: On the new page, select the status and office and you can view the list of RTO approved PUC centers along with their addresses, vehicle types tested, email address, and contact number.

Is it possible for seniors to use the services of an emissions test for their vehicle at home? The government`s Parivahan website and mParivahan mobile app allow you to upload and register vehicle documents such as the registration certificate, insurance policy, and your driver`s license. Therefore, they are considered valid under the Information Technology Act 2000. However, there is no way to store the PUC certificate, which is the only document you need to take with you. Or you can download the electronic copy of the PUCC from the Parivahan website and use it as a document. For a new vehicle, the dealer provides the PUCC, which is valid for 1 year, so you do not need to apply for it. You can obtain your vehicle`s PUC certificate by visiting the Parivahan website to download an active pollution certificate. Check the steps above to download the same. The centre launched Parivahan, an online platform that offers various transportation-related services. You can check the status of the PUC certificate on the website.

For more information, see the steps above to download your vehicle`s pollution badge. Step 2: Using a device, the PUC center scans your vehicle`s tailpipe and measures pollutant levels. By obtaining the PUC certificate, as a law-abiding citizen, you abide by the rules established by the Government of India through the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. This also avoids possible penalties if you do not carry the PUCC for your vehicle. The cost of a PUC certificate depends on the fuel and vehicle type. PUC certificate fee can vary from Rs.60 to Rs.100 depending on the vehicle which is a two/three/four wheeler vehicle and the type of fuel. Is a pollution certificate required for a new vehicle? Old vehicles: The validity of the PUC certificate for old vehicles is 6 months and must be renewed every six months.

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