Legally Blonde Geelong

Belmont actresses Karina Whytcross, Gretel, and Alysha Kitchingham, Hansel, were thrilled to return to the stage after a year-long hiatus due to COVID-19. Kitchingham, 24, is thrilled to return to the potato shed, where she last appeared in a version of Pinocchio last January. The teachers and leaders are very proud of all our students! It can be a daunting task, but each student has done their best, done a great job, and hopefully learned something to take with them to future auditions. Small opportunities are often the beginning of big companies. At CentreStage, we value new ideas, innovative team members, and results that make our team truly iconic that benefits the entire Geelong community. « We missed putting on shows in 2020, and we want to bring that back for 2021 in a significant way – the only way to do that is for people to support it. » « There`s a song about how to make soup with Hansel. But they toned down the story so the kids wouldn`t go out screaming. It`s more about the old witch who is just nasty. Like Whytcross, she appreciates the energy of the young audience. Les Misérables is located in the heart of Costa Hall Geelong. The resident company Theater 3Triple2 rings the start of the 2021 season next week with its interpretation of the classic fairy tales of the brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel. « It was the last hurrah before everything went haywire, » she said. Theater 3Triple2 has a long tradition of entertaining young and young at heart with mime and plays.

You may not know that. But CentreStage rents costumes and sets. Available to all theater groups, schools and organizations and individuals who wish to hire. Please note that this service cannot be rented individually (private parties, chicken parties, school dressing days). The perfect solution for Geelong costume rental. Mandatory vaccination for CentreStage staff and contractors « It`s just magical to see how involved kids are, » she said. We are proud of Geelong! This is our secret to creating a theatre that is always strong. As a member of the Victorian amateur arts community, our goal is to create inspiring projects that nurture new talent and develop existing skills in our teams. We hope you can be part of our theatre family. As Australia`s largest amateur musical theatre group, we cater to the needs of geelong artists and listen to what our audience calls.

CentreStage students discover a « whole new world » on stage « An exceptional musical theatre program with a strong commitment to excellence! » Phone: 5272 1775 / Email: We would like to thank all students and families for their hard work in preparing for and participating in their Legally Blonde JR auditions. This year, our students were able to teach the skills they learned in Semester 1, and we felt that our troops were more relaxed overall and able to demonstrate their skills more effectively during auditions. « I saw this production last night and it was fantastic. It blew me away. I was so impressed with the production. This is my favorite musical and the performance was amazing. Highly recommended. Even more impressed when I heard a teenager say that his teacher was in the male lead! Knowing the casting of a local is amazing. Congratulations to all of you.

The costumes, the sound, the dancing, the acting were all amazing. It`s Aladdin! You have to look at that production. Congratulations to all. Hansel and Gretel is the story of two children who, abandoned by their father against his will deep in the forest, use their intelligence to escape the fate of their stepmother. « I don`t know how to say it without sounding cheesy, but there was a hole in my heart. Part of my life was just nothing. Students are at the center of Queens We Will Rock You (Young @ Part) « It`s fun to ask them, `What do you think we should do?` but it can be distracting. You need to know the story inside and out. The show, which runs twice a day from Tuesday to Friday, differs from the original « in the most beautiful way, » according to Whytcross. « We cannot guarantee at this time that door-to-door sales will be available, » he said.

« I didn`t know how much I missed it until I started rehearsing. Now I am full again. « They yell at you during the show, which is both awesome and terrible, » she said. When they stumble upon a gingerbread house, they are lured inside by the resident witch, only to find that what is beautiful on the outside is rotten on the inside. Kitchingham agrees. « I think the witch still wants to eat us, but it`s a little more subtle, » she laughs. As tickets are available due to restrictions, Chris Reynolds of Theatre 3Triple2 urged parents to book online early. « We clean her house and compliment her on her dress and she faints and becomes a nice witch. » The 19-year-old hairdresser is a passionate child actress and joined the 3Triple2 theatre last year.

« I`ve been playing since I was nine years old, and it was really stressful not being able to do it last year, » Whytcross said. « Today my family and I lived through Oliver because it was really amazing. We were greeted by friendly staff at the ticket office as we picked up our tickets and the personal attention we received due to some special needs was exceptional. She studies musical theatre at the Australian Institute of Music and has recently started working as a voice teacher. She was scheduled to appear in West Side Story and Legally Blonde productions in Geelong and Altona before COVID-19 decimated theatre around the world.

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