Legal Meaning of Permit

Middle English permitten, from Latin permittere to let through, permit, from per- through + mittere to let los, send 1) v. to allow by silence, agreement or giving a license. (2) n. a permit or other document issued by an official or authorized authority (building inspector, motor vehicle department) to enable a person or company to perform certain acts. This could include constructing a structure, using a building, driving on the highway, running a retail store, and dozens of other activities. The purpose of permits is supposed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, but they are also a source of public revenue. (See: License) A licence or instrument issued by excise officers (or customs officers) certifying that duties on certain goods PERMIT 894 BENEFITS have been paid or guaranteed and allow them to be transferred from one place to another. Wharton. A written permit or warrant issued by a person with the authority to authorize the recipient to do an act that is not prohibited by law but is not permitted without such authorization.

ALLOW. A license or warrant to do anything that is not prohibited by law; as for land goods imported into the United States after payment or guarantee of customs duties. Law of 2 March 1799, p. 49, class 2. See the form of such permission, Gord. Dig. Annex, No. II. 46. 15th century, defined in the transitive sense 1.

perhaps by folk etymology from the Spanish palometa, a kind of Pompano, from the diminutive of Paloma dove, from the Latin palumba, palumbes â plus à palomino Permit tea referred to in these licence conditions then means licence tea, designated licence tea, or both licence tea and designated licence tea as set out in subsection (B) (I) above. For permit instructions, which may be added from time to time by the authority, which may include: – postponement of the start and completion date of this permit – temporary imposition or modification of limited hours for work – temporary suspension of work – temporary coverage or restoration of excavation, (i) the permit holder must make their own arrangements; so that the work is carried out in accordance with those instructions. In addition to the conditions specified in these Permit Terms, the Permit Holder shall comply with all relevant provisions of the State Ordinance (Miscellaneous Provisions) and the provisions of any other legislation relating to the work covered by this Permit. Work covered by this authorization also includes all temporary work, temporary reinstatement and other temporary work to be performed by the licensee. The TEE Permit shall take all reasonably practical steps to establish a management system under its control to monitor, monitor and prevent the Designated Permit, if any, and its contractors from committing any act or omission in violation of these Permit Conditions.

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