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It`s called Wear Clean Underwear because your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you had an accident, but once you`re a parent, there are also important legal planning steps you need to take. By the way, the book gets 4.4 stars on Amazon. When you`re ready to get started, please attend one of our upcoming events or schedule a free 15-minute consultation. If you`re ready to get started, please schedule a family wealth planning session. Accident and injury, Divorce and family law, Criminal law, Inheritance law, Juvenile law Draw? That`s fine, it`s normal to be a little uncomfortable with planning wills and trusts. Many of our happiest customers started where you are. But when they read the bestseller on planning wills and trusts for families, Wear Clean Underwear (I know that`s a funny name, right?), they felt more comfortable, educated, and informed. If you`re thinking about starting your own business, you Levi and his team are amazing! They are very deep in their service and approach. They can say that they truly care about their customers and that they have their best interest in their hearts. -Sarah C.

(CPA) by Legal Journeys|2022-10-18T14:49:57+00:00October 18th, 2022| Categories: Uncategorized| What your will and will be (and won`t be) Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Adoption Accident and Injury, Car Accident, Wrongful Death, Workers` Compensation, Estate Hello. My name is Levi Alexander. I became a family advocate because I am passionate about helping families navigate the journey of willpower and trust planning and helping families avoid the unnecessary courts and conflicts that so many people see in their families. Labour law, discrimination, civil rights, discrimination in the workplace My wife and I wanted to write a will. Levi took the time to make sure we understood what was best for our situation. It turned out that a living trust was the right option. He helped us through the process and the overall concept to the small detail until everything was ready. I highly recommend Legal Journeys. We opened a new business and had to write and submit a regulation and we were very pleased with the service we received! The knowledge and efficiency during this process was exceptional We recommend Legal Journeys! Transparency in our process and fees. All of these fees are agreed upon in advance, based on your choices and no surprises to ensure we stay on the same side of the table – helping you make good decisions for life – every step of the way.

Accident and Injury, Car Accident, Bodily Injury, Wrongful Death Our systems help you become clear and organized, overcoming the very problems that prevent most estate plans from actually working when they are needed most. We help you leave your family with a gift of love, not a mess. Bodily Injuries, Car Accidents, Class Actions, Accidents and Injuries, Medical Malpractice Levi Alexander and his team did a professional job on my client`s estate plans. They are friendly and responsive to the needs of my clients. I highly recommend them. – James R (Financial Advisor) Whether you are married or single, a traditional or blended family starting a life well lived or looking back, I will help you create a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals for your loved ones today and for years to come. We work with you at every stage of life to design and plan the most likely scenarios for you and the people you love as your life, law and wealth change over time. We wanted to create a living trust. We were very pleased with how they want us to understand the process, the quality of the product and their follow-up. I recommend Levi and Legal Journeys. – Stewart G. Accident and Injury, Car Accident, Business, Insurance, Divorce and Family Law, Accidents and Injuries, Health Care, Product Liability, Workers` Compensation, Car Accident.

I want to congratulate you on coming here and taking the first step towards planning for everyone and everything you love. I appreciate the opportunity to help secure what you love. I look forward to learning your story, hearing what`s important to you, and helping you understand what`s really needed to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict if something happens to you (or them).

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