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« The coordination of project monitoring has only nice people! » Information on other institutes is available at the following address: Structure > police stations and > DGPTC – Technical Police. About the care to plan medical expertise in the IML The major planning outlined by the chiefs of the civil police of Rio de Janeiro in 2007 with the adoption of the objectives to be achieved included the restructuring of the technical bodies that make up the DPTC – Department of Technical-Scientific Police. The DPTC consists of IMLAP – Instituto Médico Legal Afrânio Peixoto, ICCE – Instituto de Criminalística Carlos Éboli, IIFP – Instituto de Identification Félix Pacheco and IPPGF – Instituto de Pesquisa e Perícias em Genética Forense. Address: RUA IRAJUBA, 167 Phone: 2394-1733 Region: Capital Move the stars and click to see the note Av Francisco Bicalho, 300 – Santo Cristo – Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Postal code: 20220-310. We are temporarily present on the following phones: « Cool to take pictures at home and abroad. Good service and good air conditioning. IMLAP produces more than thirty forensic examinations, ranging from large and complex necropsies, examinations to identify the cause of death and its medical circumstances, to several laboratory tests that undergo numerous human examinations to determine the causes and consequences of physical and mental damage caused by criminal acts or omissions. Avenida Francisco Bicalho, 300 Praça da Bandeira – Rio de Janeiro – RJ « Another public service that is funded by the taxpayer and does not work. There are 12 phone numbers and NONE of them answer. The complicated country is Brazil! ». Address: AV.

ALBERTO TORRES, 531 ALTO TERESÓPOLIS Phone: 642-6166 Region: Metropolitan Created by Eduardo C. Bargiona17 articles • 2 subscribers. « I was taken care of, I had to participate twice. The first one who planned because I was not informed on the phone about the need for advance planning. On the agreed date, I was answered quickly without any problem. The medical evaluation is quite superficial. « Location: CENTRO Address: Av. FRANCISCO BICALHO (LEOPOLDINA), 300 – CENTER Phone: 2332-4693 Region: Capital « There is no way to evaluate, I am bedridden, unable to move and I try to connect 2 days in 4 phones, including the one provided by the police station and in vain because no one answers! This way, the only way to plan the expertise should only be a thousand, because the phone termination service does not work! IML – Instituto Médico Legal Afrânio Peixoto is located at Avenida Francisco Bicalho, 300 Praça da Bandeira – Rio de Janeiro – RJ. We are a serious and reliable company that provides quality products and excellent service to its customers.

Visit the IML – Instituto Médico Legal Afrânio Peixoto! Address: RUA EUTERPE FRIBURGUENSE, 1092 CENTRO Phone: 2522-8116 Region: Metropolitan Area « THERE ARE 12 IML PHONE NUMBERS ON THE INTERNET AND NONE OF THEM MEET. It is a PUBLIC SERVICE THAT WE PAY FOR WITH OUR TAXES AND WHICH, AGAIN, DOES NOT WORK. THE COMPLICATED COUNTRY IS BRAZIL! « Tijuca, all the best! This is one of the samba school courts that I like the most. Tasteful decoration, first class lighting and sound! ». In 2008, a new building for IMLAP was constructed on the site of a vehicle depot of the Police Station for Auto Theft and Theft (DRFA). The built IMLAP is a modern reference center in Latin America with state-of-the-art equipment. A huge increase in the quality of the state`s civilian police. On the remaining site of the former DRFA, the objective is to install a new Institute of Criminalistics and to form the « City of Technical Bodies » which is not yet official. Address: RUA DR. COUTINHO, 6 CENTRO ANGRA DOS REIS Phone: 3399-9109 Region: Metropolitan IML Phone – Instituto Médico Legal Afrânio Peixoto is (21) 2332-4693.

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