Es Legal Arrendar Piezas En Chile

This gives the landlord the power to keep the assets that their tenant has in the property. In this way, the payment of rent arrears, debts of basic services or damage occurring during the use of the property is ensured. When renting parts, the parties must sign a lease agreement with obligations, rights and clauses in accordance with these regulations. The increase in the sale and rental prices of residential real estate has led to an expansion of the informal housing market, which is reflected both in the re-emergence of informal settlements and camps in the peripheral areas of many cities and in the widespread subletting of rooms, especially in central urban areas©. In addition, in recent years, many buildings intended for informal subletting have ± been affected by fires with fatal consequences and considerable material losses for subtenants and neighbours©. This is an area where the Housing Commission is trying to move forward with the bill, which amends Law 18.101 and the General Law on Urban Development and Construction, in order to regulate renting and subletting and to punish cases where they are abusive (Bulletin 12.145). The debate was followed by academic©Walter Imilan, Director of Millennium Mobility and Territories and member of the Yungay Neighborhood Council, who shared his observations on the topic. The rental of rooms, although it is a phenomenon that has always existed in the urban history of Chile, today has very specific characteristics, namely a new type of rental, in which the dynamics are combined, which is very different: from the person who rents uninhabited rooms in his house, to a kind of « society », which is beginning to profit as an economic activity in terms of rents. And this is related to high prices and low habitability conditions, » he said. According to Agustón Moreno, legal director of the municipality of Santiago, the situation of subleases has reached a dramatic level. « We believe that at this time, the situation of overcrowding and abusive subletting in our municipality is at a fairly drastic level, and that is why there is an urgent need for legislation that gives municipalities the power to adequately monitor and detect regulatory violations that affect the safety of people.

Say. The Chair of the Housing Commission, Gonzalo Winter (MA), explained the scope of this project and the instruments it will implement. We are proposing to give control powers to municipalities, because the central authority often does not have the urgency to deal with the issue. And second, and perhaps most importantly, once fines are defined as abusive subletting, they create the possibility of exercising the fine against the owner ± the property and not against the person carrying out that activity, which is most relevant because the owner usually lives ± far away and ignores the issue. Say. The initiative tries to solve a major problem for the country, given the overcrowding and irregularities with which many people live today, said MP Pablo Kast (Evopoli). In any case, make a change in the law to give powers to municipalities so that they can do an audit that creates this number of abusive subleases, » he commented. He said that there is a transversality to give urgency to address this issue. « This is the commitment that all members of the Commission have made to move forward. Hearings have been agreed with the Ministry of Health, and everyone will see the paths that will be taken according to the considerations we have had today, he said. The text of the law indicates that the country`s housing situation has changed rapidly in recent years, resulting not only in an increase ±in the housing deficit, but also©in the qualitative changes that structure the housing sector©in Chile.

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