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Bjp Maharashtra Palghar district legal adviser Ashutosh Dubey said the Sabyasachi ad « hurt religious feelings » by showing « half-naked models. » The Obama administration`s and Modi administration`s efforts to blame fell into another storm after revelation that Washington sought and received legal approval Earlier, consumer goods company Dabur India Limited removed an ad in which a lesbian couple celebrated the Hindu festival of Karwa Chauth, a few hours after the Minister of Home Affairs of Madhya Pradesh. Narottam Mishra, who had criticized him for showing « offensive content » and said legal action would be taken if the ad was not removed. The BJP`s legal adviser added in the statement: « The Mangalsutra symbolises that the bride and groom will be lifelong friends until death separates them and you issue the `Mangalsutra` in an obscene manner is outrageous and unfounded. » He is a managing partner and currently heads the law firm « Solicis Lex »[5], a partner at Zurich Media House LLP, a trustee at Himgiri Gurukul Trust with the President of the Yoga Institute, Hansaben Yogendra, and legal advisor to CA Firm JBTM Associates LLP. He also serves on the boards of various companies, trustees and boards of directors of many organizations. He is a Global Director at the Jain International Organization, commonly known as JIO. He was instrumental in the founding of Samuhik Vivah Sanstha, which was founded by the Commissioner for Charity for Mass Marriages for Economically Disadvantaged Populations in the State of Maharashtra. He is also a national councillor with MP Ashish Shelar for the BJ Films and TV Industries Association, a leading union that serves the needs of film artists. He was prominent and vocal in his concerns about cooperation issues and Indian property laws. He also represented the union`s former home minister, Sushilkumar Shinde,[6] in a contempt case. He advised on the interpretation of the Real Estate Regulation Act, RMA, and served on the advisory committee during the drafting of the rera bill. He is an expert in many areas of law[7] and works closely with lawyers in Dubai[8], the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Israel.

He is co-author of Ready Reckoner`s (a stamp duty and real estate valuation book) for Mumbai. He has also been a pioneer in many transportation issues in Mumbai. He was an advocate for many movie stars for several years, representing the late actress Sadhana,[9] Vijayta Pandit, Lalit Pandit and the family, raza Murad`s family, Poonam Dhillon, Jeetendra, Bhagyashree, fashion designer Shaina NC, director Anees Bazmee and many others. Mumbai: Lawyer Ashutosh Dubey, legal adviser to BJP-Maharashtra Palghar district, on Saturday issued a legal opinion to fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for using « half-naked models » for a Mangalsutra collection advertisement and hurting religious feelings. Illegal migration from Bangladesh, which amounts to millions of people, is in fact an aggression against the state of Assam. The influx of Bangladeshi nationals into Assam posed a threat to Nort`s integrity and security Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj called illegal immigration from Bangladesh a « sensitive issue » and stressed the need for consultations with all stakeholders on Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 30 (ANI): Lawyer Ashutosh Dubey, Legal adviser to the BJP-Maharashtra Palghar district, issued a legal opinion on Saturday. Fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee for using « half-naked models » for an advertisement for the Mangalsutra collection and hurting religious feelings. Dubey said in his statement that advertising for the entire Hindu community as well as Hindu marriage is completely outrageous and requested that the advertisement be removed within 15 days. I say this in your social media advertising posts with models posing alone or in intimate positions with others. One image shows a female model wearing a black bra, and Sabyasachi`s Mangalsutra, while her head rests on a shirtless male model, is completely outrageous for the entire Hindu community as well as for Hindu marriage, » Dubey`s statement reads. The BJP`s legal adviser went on to say in the statement: « The Mangalsutra symbolises that the bride and groom will be lifelong partners until death separates them and you issue the `Mangalsutra` in an obscene manner is outrageous and baseless. » I say that since you used « half-naked models for a Mangalsutra advertisement », it is outrageous that these are Hindu marriage feelings because the term Mangalsutra is a combination of two words Mangal and Sutra.

The word mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread – together mangalsutra means a thread of good omen that unites souls and the groom binds the thread of good omen around the bride`s neck on her sacred wedding day, meaning that their relationship would be as auspicious as the thread. It symbolizes that they will be friends for life until death separates them and you issue the `Mangalsutra` in an obscene way is outrageous and baseless, » he said. He went on to say that a « Mangalsutra » is a symbol of marriage and that the woman should wear it all her life, indicating the love and commitment of husband and wife to each other, while adding that in the advertising campaign it showed a half-naked couple for a Mangalsutra advertisement that scandalizes Hindu marriage. « I say that in India, the majority of people associate mangalsutra with a religious custom, there is also a solid scientific justification behind it. Hindu culture emphasizes wearing a pure gold mangal sutra and it is often recommended that the mangalsutra be hidden behind the inside, and your promotional ads feature heterosexual and same-sex couples posing for photos and wearing the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra, which is part of the designer`s intimate jewelry collection. These photos also show models dressed in intimate clothes and wearing a mangal sutra, which is outrageous and hurts religious feelings, » he added. He also asked fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee to take over the advertisement posted on social media and apologize to people. I therefore ask you through this communication that this sacred relationship of « Hindu marriage » be removed and excused from the public by producing obscene things like on « Mangalsutra », with a clue within the 15-day period if I do not give you clear instructions to publish the public statement and remove the half-naked models for a Mangalsutra ad » or anything obscene related to the holy Hindu marriage « Mangalsutra » and Apologies to the public otherwise you assume full responsibility for all costs, risks, liabilities, expenses and their consequences. Please pay special attention, » he said in the statement. Earlier, consumer goods company Dabur India Limited removed an ad in which a lesbian couple celebrates the Karwa Chauth Hindu festival, hours after Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra criticized it for showing « offensive content » and said legal action would be taken if the advertisement was not withdrawn.

A Ceat Ltd ad showing Bollywood actor Aamir Khan advising people not to set off fireworks in the streets was also criticised by Ananthkumar Hegde, MP for the Karnataka Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Recently, clothing brand Fabindia, facing negative reactions, withdrew its advertising for its latest collection, which it had dubbed « Jashn-e-Riwaaz ». (ANI) Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wanted to become a chartered accountant at a young age, but eventually decided to become a lawyer because « the CA exam was too difficult to pass. » Gujrat Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Rahul Gandhi a leader born with a golden spoon and said one man can work miracles. Speaking at a meeting in Bangalore, he told Rahul Gandhi that Obama`s visit to India had given a new definition of Indo-US relations. Bilateral relations are now stronger and that both leaders are confident was demonstrated by the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that he had taken « a tour » through the Prime Minister`s Office (PMO) and posted his photo with other officials.

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